Direct Marketing Insights

Every tool requires proper technique. Serving seven industries, we have direct marketing lists—and we know how to use them. Turn to us as your resource for best practices, and choose Advanstar for your direct marketing list needs!


The first rule of marketing writing is to say the right thing.

The second rule is to stop talking once you've said it. But what is the "right thing"? We'll tell you.

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Unless you have sixth sense or uncanny luck, you need good data to repeat great campaign results.

You need to know where leads come from, and why they do or don't become customers. What techniques are best? We'll outline them.

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Forget about telling prospects how much you want them to click through your e-mail and visit your website. Everyone else you're competing with wants them to do the same thing.

In writing, they say "show, don't tell." In direct marketing, it's "answer, don't ask." Get prospects to tell themselves how much they want to visit your website.

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Safe Delivery

Watch a corporate gatekeeper in action and you’ll witness how quickly mail can disappear. It's what they're paid to do.

If you don’t want your promotion meeting the same fate, do your homework.

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images vs. text

Opinions vary on whether or not image-heavy e-mails are more at risk to be flagged as spam. What’s not up for debate is that images have a strong effect on audiences—and they don’t even need to be the focus of design.

But there's a catch.

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subject lines

The average working professional receives more than 100 e-mail messages a day. How can you make yours stand out from the rest?

To start, it's good to keep your subject line under 50 characters, and even better to squeeze it into 35. But more than anything, you need to be clear!

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direct mail

Smart marketers include direct mail in their mix—not just in spite of electronic media, but partly because of it.

We're in an age when the e-mail inbox never seems to empty. By contrast, postcards and other mailers aren't a common sight. They stand out.

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special events

The sooner you position your brand alongside a special event, the better chance you have that prospects will turn to you before, during and even after the show.

Break away from the traditional sales pitch by focusing on the buzz generated by the event itself.

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list hygiene

If you love your database, you’ll take care of it. After all, it contains your most valuable resource: customers and prospects.

It’s a great feeling when an e-mail or postcard arrives at a recipient’s current address right when you want it to, isn’t it? Now, multiply that by a few dozen or a few hundred, or even a thousand: those are the sales opportunities you can either keep or put at risk through the accuracy of data.

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The Advanstar Advantage

Do your direct marketing lists have each of the following four qualities?

Advanstar lists do. We connect businesses and organizations with our customers across seven industries—including yours.

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